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Reduce Glare & Increase Productivity with Window Film

Reduce Glare - Increase Productivity

Modern workspaces utilize a greater degree of glass in their design. While this can make the space have an open an airy feel, one of the significant downfalls is often glare. Excessive glare can interfere with a person’s ability to see their digital screen easily. Too much glare can also cause eye strain and the fatigue that comes along with being exposed to this for an extended period of time. Just think of the last

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Window Film Can Save You Money

Window Film Can Save You Money

There are numerous ways that window film can save you money in your commercial space, but we wanted to focus in on two that relate to nearly everyone. Lower Energy Costs – Window films can help dramatically reduce the heat that passes through the glass. This not only reduces the demand on the HVAC system throughout the building, it helps eliminate hot spots in certain areas. The net result is that the air conditioning system does

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Added Privacy for Your Conference Room

Added Privacy to a conference Room

Modern, open office spaces have a great feel, but they often leave something to be desired when it comes to privacy. Our line of custom decorative glass films will allow you to keep that modern look you want while providing the added privacy you desire. The possibilities with decorative glass films is nearly limitless. Check out this really cool interior space that integrated our white frost to accentuate the look while adding the desired privacy.

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