Window Film Can Save You Money

There are numerous ways that window film can save you money in your commercial space, but we wanted to focus in on two that relate to nearly everyone.

  • Lower Energy Costs – Window films can help dramatically reduce the heat that passes through the glass. This not only reduces the demand on the HVAC system throughout the building, it helps eliminate hot spots in certain areas. The net result is that the air conditioning system does not need to work as hard to keep the tenants comfortable and this reduces energy usage and costs. In addition, the fact that the HVAC system is not having to work as hard can potentially extend the life of the unit and service intervals which can also save you money.
  • Lower Costs on Furnishings – Window film also nearly eliminates the harmful UV rays from entering a space through the glass. UV rays, along with light and heat, account for 90% of the factors that cause fading. Window film acts to reduce all three of these contributors of fading. The result is a longer life for your furniture, carpets, etc. which can save you on the cost of replacement.

I hope this post helps point out a couple of the ways that window film can save you money at home and in your commercial space. Give Midwest Tinting a call today at (913) 384-2665 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation with someone on our team.