Tint Laws

The regulation for tinting goes by where you are tagged. You will want to follow the state law for the state your vehicle is registered to.

The legal limit for the state of Kansas is 35% on the sides and back-glass of the vehicle.

For the state of Missouri it’s 35% on the front two driver, and passenger doors and you can go as dark as you want on the back half.

The most popular selection amongst consumers is 35% on the front, and 20% on the back. The darker tint on the back-half, creates an overall darker appearance, and privacy for kids, pets, or items in the backseat. Whenever vans, trucks, and SUV’s come tinted from the factory, it’s usually tinted at 20%.

Did you know factory tint is only dyed glass, with little to no heat rejection benefits, or UV protection? We use food coloring as an example: it changes the appearance, but truly doesn’t benefit anything outside of that. If you want to ensure the comfort and protection of your passengers, tinting over the factory tint is the perfect way to accomplish that. We can use a lighter material, to compensate for the factory tint.

*If you are relocating to another state, check out the state laws before having your vehicle tinted.