Restaurants Improve Customer Experience with Window Films

Have you ever been in a restaurant that had huge windows and a great view, but the tables were unbearably hot or the glare made you nearly need sunglasses? Well, your not alone. Modern restaurant architecture often includes dramatic spaces which have large windows. This gives the look they want, but often at the expense of customer comfort. We recently saw an article on Easy Energy Saving Tips website that discussed this exact issue and how restaurants are using window films to address this and provide a better customer experience. The main points they raise are the following:

Window Films Make Customers More Comfortable

For many restaurants, having walls of windows provide sunshine and a beautiful view that’s alluring to customers. However, the heat and the glare that come with untreated windows can turn into a turn off.

Window Films Offers UV Protection

Your customers probably wouldn’t think to wear sunscreen indoors, so it’s fairly safe to assume they wouldn’t apply SPF 30 before dining inside your restaurant. But the sunlight streaming in that increases the ambiance also allows ultraviolet radiation in through the windows, which contributes to a person’s daily accumulation of sun exposure.

We hope you find this article interesting and that it informs you on a couple of the ways that window tinting can make a restaurant, or nearly any space, a more comfortable place to be. We would be happy to discuss the options with you. Give Midwest Tinting a call today at (913) 384-2665 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation with someone on our team.