Forward-thinking Strategies to Increase Energy Efficiency in Facilities

We wanted to share this recent article from Green Building News regarding ways to increase the energy efficiency of your facility. The article gave an overview and then used a specific example of how one building used window film to increase the energy efficiency of their property. See the example below:
“A prime example of a newly constructed building that is taking advantage of energy-efficient material is Southeast Bank in Knoxville, Tenn. In 2014, Southeast Bank constructed a new four-story commercial building that encompasses the local branch, service center, mortgage office and executive offices. Southeast Bank wanted to make sure their new building was energy-efficient. One of the materials they used to aide in this endeavor was tinted window film on all exterior-facing windows.
After careful consideration, Southeast Bank selected Madico’s Sunscape Purelite 40 to be professionally installed. The bank’s managers chose Purelite 40 because the film blocks more than 99 percent of UV rays, rejects 53 percent of total solar energy from entering the building and reduces glare, all while providing the sleek aesthetic that the Southeast Bank designers desired. The window film also regulates temperatures throughout the building and preserves its new flooring, paint and furniture, ultimately conserving energy—just through a high-quality tinted window film.
The Southeast Bank example shows how using even one type of energy-efficient material, such as window film, can dramatically reduce costs and save energy, reducing a building’s carbon footprint.”
The team at Midwest Tinting truly enjoys helping our residential and commercial clients realize the energy savings the window films we provide can offer. To read the rest of the article in Green Building News, Click HERE.
We hope you find this article interesting and that it informs you on the ways that window films can be used to improve energy efficiency in your facility. We would be happy to discuss the options with you. Give Midwest Tinting a call today at (913) 384-2665 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation with someone on our team.