Do You Know What is Causing Your Faded Furnishings?

Do you know what is causing your faded furnishings? Some people believe incorrectly that fading is caused by exposure to the sun’s UV rays. While this is certainly a big part of it, it accounts for less than half of the overall causes of fading. Take a look at the cart below for a rough breakdown.
As mentioned, UV accounts for a full 40% of the cause of fading, but that still leaves 60% unaccounted for. This is the reason many people are surprised when something protected with a UV filter still ends up fading. While the fading has been slowed down, it is still happening. The other major categories that can be addressed are visible light and heat. Ideally, to have a significant impact on slowing down fading, you need to attack UV, light and heat. That is exactly what a quality window film does in your home, commercial space or car.
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