Benefits of Window Film for Your Home

Have you ever moved your couch or some other piece of furniture and noticed your carpeting that was once one shade of gray is now two different shades? Or perhaps you’ve had to close your blinds or curtains to avoid that annoying sun glare on the TV? Well if either scenario sounds familiar, window film can help resolve these issues.
Our window film can block up to 99% of UV rays and reduce the fading of your home’s interior and upholstery. Ultraviolet light and the sun’s visible light are the main causes of interior fading (65%), followed by the heat from the sun (25%). Window film can also reject heat rays up to 92%, cutting cooling costs by as much as 30%. Check out this infographic from Easy Energy Saving Tips website that shows how professionally installed window film can make a beneficial difference to your home’s interior.
Benefits of Window Film for Your Home - Midwest Tinting

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