Up the Privacy Factor: 7 Essentials for Your Back-to-School Safety Checklist

It’s August and that means back to school and school supply checklists. Whether your child is headed to school across town or across the country there’s lots of prep and planning involved in getting the gear he or she needs to get settled into a new year at school.
Your back-to-school countdown includes checklists of all kinds: school supplies, electronics, clothing, and if your child is college-bound and moving away from home there’s a whole slew of supplies needed for living on their own.
An important part of school planning is taking measures to be safe and prepared for emergencies.

Here are seven essential things to equip your child with to be well-prepared for emergency situations and keeping safe:

  1. Safety kit to include flashlight, batteries, radio, basic tools, power strip and small extension cord and extra blankets
  2. An extra phone charger
  3. Emergency phone numbers for the area, plus mom and dad and another relative or close friend
  4. A safety plan in case of emergencies and weather-related incidents
  5. Copy of immunization records and medical history
  6. Extra sets of apartment and car keys
  7. Car window tinting to keep the car and its belongings secure and protected

Having the windows tinted on your child’s vehicle may not be the first item on your back-to-school prep list. But it’s an essential part of ensuring your child’s vehicle – and any valuables left inside – are kept secure.
While it’s advised that valuables like phones, laptops and GPS devices never be kept in an unattended vehicle – especially in places like on seats or in the dash – it happens all the time, and puts a vehicle at risk for a break-in.
Even less expensive electronics like phone chargers and portable speakers can be appealing to a dishonest passerby. And in a college or university setting textbooks, backpacks and school badges are all desirable items.
Investing in auto window tinting can protect your stuff from theft because it substantially increases the privacy factor of your vehicle. And it saves you money in the long run. If a phone or laptop is stolen from your vehicle, the deductible on most auto policies is higher than the expense of buying these items new. Stolen cash and other property is irreplaceable and bookstores don’t usually offer a textbook replacement plan. If anything of value is stolen from your vehicle, you’re on the hook to replace it. And if your window is smashed or door lock is compromised you have those repair expenses, too.
Window tinting provides many great benefits, in addition to increasing the privacy and security of the interior of your car:

  • It reduces the heat in your car with heat rejection rates up to 60%
  • It increases your auto’s fuel economy
  • Tinting blocks up to 99% of the UV rays that naturally cause fading of your car’s interior
  • It provides a sleek aesthetic appeal

With Midwest Tinting’s full line of car window tints and films you can be assured your vehicle is much better protected. Schedule an appointment this month and increase the privacy factor of your child’s vehicle.