2 Top 10 Finalists in Global Automotive Window Tint Competition!

As Midwest Tinting continues to grow with the expansion of and additional location, we look back on the accolades and accomplishments of the management, staff and team of installers who have become the heart of the company. We also want to let you know about our commitment to providing you the best quality and value in automotive window tint, paint protection films and architectural window films.

Midwest Tinting Fields Two Top Ten Finalists in Global Automotive Window Tint Competition

Every year, Window Film Magazine hosts the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off (WFCT) in various areas around the United States to determine who reigns the title of Worlds Best Tinter. This past year, we sent an impressive amount of 6 competitors who competed in the categories of: Paint Protection Film, Architectural Window Film and Automotive Window Tint.

This competition had never had two Top 10 finalists in a single category come from the same shop or organization. That is until this past year! Midwest Tinting proudly had two installers advance as Top 10 finalists in the Automotive Window Tint category. The accolades earned by our installers are a testament to their hard work and commitment to making Midwest Tinting the authority in automotive window and protective films.

By attending these conferences and competitions, we stay up to date on cutting edge methods, technology and products offered in our industry. We know that you will notice the difference in quality and dedication to our craft when you choose Midwest Tinting.

Window Film Industry Leadership Recognized With a Custom Hat

2 Top 10 Finalists in Global Automotive Window Tint Competition! - Vehicle Window Tinting in Kanas City - 3

Our own Caleb Silkett was honored and recognized as a window tint industry trailblazer and master installer. In addition, our own Caleb Silkett was honored and recognized as an industry trailblazer and master installer. 

At the ‘22 WFCT David Kratz of Autobahn Films introduced the “Signature Series” of hats. In his own words “this is not about promoting the brands I represent, but rather honoring industry greats that have had an impact not only in my life, but the industry as a whole. From master installers, inventors, and influencers the purpose of these collectable items are to honor those that have contributed to the advancement of our industry.” Caleb received one of these cherished hats.

Caleb continues to exemplify great leadership not only in our shop but in the automotive industry as a whole. His master craftsmanship extends to each employee, as he strives to give them the training and knowledge and opportunity to be the best installer possible. 

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