Tesla Paint Protection Film Recognized As Valuable By Factory

Tesla recently announced that they would be offering colored and clear paint protection options out of its service centers in West Covina and Carlsbad, California. After conducting a successful trial run in China, we can assume this service will soon be offered in more states as well. While these “factory” customizations are currently limited to the Model 3 and Model Y, it’s clear that Tesla paint protection film (PPF) is recognized as valuable by the company. It’s hard to ignore, as it is s one of the highest ranking buzz words consumers come across on the forums and blogs when researching their new EV.

Tesla Paint Protection Film in Kansas City

Teslas Kansas City location first opened its doors on the plaza in 2015. Shortly after, we got our hands on our very first Tesla for both window tint and paint protection. One by one, we noticed more and more of these electric vehicles in our shop. We had the inventory available to tint the whopping, 60” back window in one piece, with no seams or breaks. Gaining notoriety amongst Tesla consumers for our knowledge and experience in the field of window tint and clear bra, we sparked the interest of employees and most importantly, the service manager. Since they didn’t offer this service themselves, they knew they needed someone dependable that they could refer their customers to, we were more than happy to fulfill that role. 

While we are happy to see Tesla, a 700 billion dollar company creating product awareness, some may wonder, what is the difference between what the factory is offering and what  midwest tinting offers??

What we currently know about what Tesla is offering:

(Option only offered for FULL CAR coverage)

$5,000 – Clear PPF 

$7,500 – Satin Stealth Black, Slip Grey 

$8,000 – Glacier Blue, Satin Rose Gold, Forest Green, Satin Ceramic White, Crimson Red

While they have not exclusively stated what manufacturer is producing their PPF, Rumor has it, they are using a film brand called PPG, with no mention of warranty on the film. That leaves us to question, what will their quality control process be like? Will they outsource these installations to local companies like ourselves, who have the experience required to complete these jobs up to their customers standards?  Or will they be training new, and inexperienced installers to work for them in house? 

What will the patterns be like ? Often times we find ourselves having to fix flaws in the paint before installing a film over it. Will their technicians be trained to look out for this and have the knowledge and access to proper equipment to fix these issues?

What Midwest Tinting offers:

✔️Customizable Coverage 

✔️10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

✔️ Wrapped Edges

✔️Quality Control 

✔️Able to do any year, make or model

✔️ Matte Finish Available (XPEL Stealth) 

Here at Midwest Tinting, we take pride in our craftsmanship and honor our work. All of our paint protection specialists have been XPEL certified and have access to the best products and software in the industry. This is vital when making sure your edges are properly fitted and aligned with the curvature of the vehicle, using wrapped edges whenever possible. 

Customizable Coverage means we can do as much or as little coverage as you would like. We don’t limit you, or require a certain amount of coverage. The Full Front End Package is the most common selection amongst our Tesla consumers. With add ons like door edge guards, rocker panels, and luggage area – we work with you to determine what coverage option works best for your needs as well as your budget.

Interior Coverage in areas that are prone to scratching inside like the center console area as seen below.

Tesla Paint Protection Film Recognized As Valuable By Factory - Paint Protection Film in Kansas City 3

10 Year Manufacturers Warranty against bubbling, peeling, cracks and any defects in the film, reaffirms that this film is designed for longevity. It has an impressive self-healing layer to keep your car looking its best for years to come. While Tesla has no mention of any warranty information available, we know that our films are made to last and have been keeping our customers happy and protected for years now! 

Quality Control means a lot to us here at Midwest Tinting. We maintain a certain standard of expectations for our installs. We go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. While human error can occur at times, our customers know if they have an issue they can walk through our doors and we will do everything we can to make it right. The beauty of working with local installers, there won’t be any long phone calls to customer service or waiting or uncertainty if the issue will be fixed or not. 

Any Year Make or Model of Tesla is eligible for paint protection here at Midwest Tinting. While Tesla has only begun offering this coverage for the Model 3 and the Model Y, we have no limits. We do not rely on precut kits and have access to our own supply of paint protection inventory which allows us to completely customize your coverage. 

Matte Finish Paint Protection (XPEL Stealth) turns any painted/glossy surface into a frosty matte appearance, while honoring the original paint color. Check out these pictures of a recent install.

While Tesla may be trying out something new, we have decades of experience in Tesla paint protection film and are happy to answer any questions you have. Receive a hassle-free, no obligation quote sent straight to your phone or stop by one of our three convenient Kansas City area locations.

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We hope you found this article on Tesla Paint Protection Film informative. Our company is proud to offer professionally installed PPF for your Tesla vehicle to help protect your investment. If you would like more information on the products or services offered by the best paint protection installers in Kansas City, follow this LINK.