Need Gift Ideas? Check Out Midwest Tinting’s Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re looking for a gift for the car enthusiast or homeowner in your life? We’ve got ideas for gifts that keep giving all year. Check out this Midwest Tinting Holiday Gift Guide.

Automotive Window Tint
Automotive Window Tinting by Midwest Tinting in Kansas City.Tinting their car windows not only provide a sleek appearance, but will also keep the interior cooler and protect it and the occupants by blocking 99.9% of UV Rays. All of our window films are high performance, color stable films with a lifetime, nation-wide warranty available. What is the difference? The heat rejection and what the film is made of! No matter which line you choose, all of our tint blocks 99% of UV Rays.

Paint Protection Film
Automotive Paint Protection Films by Midwest Tinting in Kansas City.With the rising cost of cars, you want it to stay looking its best for years to come. Every car guru knows the true value of paint protection and how it acts as the #1 line of defense between your car and all the salt, sand and debris on the road. Today’s automotive PPF is highly conformable and optically clear offering a self-healing topcoat capable of reforming itself after being scuffed or scratched, maintaining clarity for many years.

Midwest Tinting is proud to be the best installers for XPEL Paint Protection Film in the area!

Ceramic Coating
Automotive Ceramic Paint Coating by Midwest Tinting in Kansas City.This coating adds a hydrophobic layer to their car, making it much easier to maintain cleanliness. It gives that glossy shine and protects paint, trim and even wheels to create a resistance to water spots, oil marks, stains from bugs, bird droppings and other contaminants. Rain water, oils and other liquids bead right off the paint!

Everyone knows what it’s like to spend hours on hours detailing your vehicle so this will be the gift that keeps on giving!

Chrome Delete
Midwest Tinting Holiday Gift Guide in Kansas CityAhh … chrome accents … loved, hated, and widely debated. A very popular request we get, is to eliminate the chrome accents, replacing them with satin, matte, or gloss black vinyl. We have even done matte purple! This is a great way to let your loved one explore their creative ideas, while we help bring them to life!

Smoked Lights
Smoking their tail lights is a subtle, but sleek way to make their car unique- like them! This visual enhancement will be something to set their car apart from the rest!

Stripe Kits & Vinyl Accent
Automotive Stripe Kits and Vinyl Accents by Midwest Tinting in Kansas City. Midwest Tinting's Holiday Gift GuidesHas the car lover in your life been scheming up ways to make their car standout from the rest? From racing stripes to matte black hood wraps, we’ve got options. We have a wide variety of colors and finishes to make their vision a reality!

Finally, Last but certainly not least….

Home Window Tinting
Home Window Tinting by Midwest Tinting in Kansas City.While this isn’t an automotive service, this is probably one of the most underrated services we offer. Why? It gives you the gift of comfort in your own home, all while reducing your energy usage and lowering your utility bill. Whether you want added privacy during the day or don’t want your windows to look any different at all, we have many film options to achieve your desired appearance. Tinting your home helps to eliminate hot spots and problem areas so that you’re A/C doesn’t have to work so hard. This gift will offer a return on your investment for years to come!

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Need Gift Ideas? Check Out Midwest Tinting's Holiday Gift Guide

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Hopefully the information in the holiday gift guide helps you choose the perfect gift for this season. Whether you are shopping for last minute gifts for Dad or choosing a perfect gift for the car lover or homeowner in your life. We know choosing the right gift can be challenging, so if you would like more information, or have questions on the information contained in this Holiday Gift Guide, we would love to help. You can reach us by calling (913) 384-2665 . We are located in Overland Park, Kansas Independence and Lee’s Summit, Missouri and service the entire surrounding area.