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Safety & Security Window Tinting

Protect Your Investment

Safety and Security Films have a substantially more aggressive adhesive than standard window tint. When the glass is broken the film will hold the glass fragments together, in most cases, in the window frame.

For Homes

Safety and Security films will protect your family. These amazing films can protect your family from objects that could break your windows due to accident or vandalism.

Prevent burglaries by making it very difficult for glass to be broken. In case of violent storms breaking or blowing out a window the film will hold the shards of glass, to the film, stopping them from flying through the room and injuring your loved ones and causing property damage.

For Businesses

Security film improves window safety for retail, commercial and government properties worldwide. From office buildings, hotels, banks, hospitals, government buildings, corner stores any and all commercial buildings are protected by using safety and security films. Your glass and windows are the most dangerous and vulnerable part of your building. Safety and Security films will protect your business.

These amazing films can prevent burglaries by making it very difficult to gain entry. Even though the glass is broken it requires a great deal of effort to puncture through the Security film which is holding the glass together. Safety films work best by anchoring the edge of the film to the framing system therefore holding the glass in the frame when vandalized from burglary, blasts, or heavy storms.

Protection You Need

Safety & Security Window films offer Increased shatter resistance resulting in:

  • Increased peace of mind
  • Increased safety for family & friend
  • Flying glass shards caused by natural disasters such as tornado’s, burglary, or flying objects
  • Heavy gauge security films

No-Bar Anchoring System

Anchoring System for windows provides practically indestructible protection for your properties and the people inside them. No-Bar Anchoring Systems are virtually invisible protection you don’t have to see to believe or trust.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The window pane is coated with a security film, and then the NO-BAR mechanical anchoring system attaches the film-covered glass onto the window frame.
  2. A decorative, color-coded cap is then applied to match the existing window frame.

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