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Window Film Directions

Your windows look great! But now what?

Here are some Window Film Directions to help you care for your new tint.
1. The best thing to do is to not pay attention to the film for (5) days.

2. Film normally takes about 4 – 7 days to appear clear. Depending on the specific product used, how much pressure was put on the squeegee during application, and how much direct solar energy it receives, the complete cure time is 30 – 45 days.

3. During the curing process the excess moisture left under the film pools into little pockets first; then evaporates. These pockets should not exceed the size of a dime. Please call us ASAP should you notice anything larger than a dime.

4. Sometimes the film appears hazy or blotchy during cure time. You will know the film has cured when the film looks crystal clear again.

5. Sometimes squeegee marks are left on the film from soap in the application solution. We generally do not clean the film after installation and neither should the customer. Wet film can shift when wiped down firmly. Wait at least one week to clean the window film.

6. Never use any product that contains ammonia or vinegar to clean your film. Over time these chemicals will break down the adhesive on the film. Windex is the most common culprit. Products that are safe to use include Glass Plus, Sparkle, or just a damp cloth.

7. We recommend using a cleaning mixture of:
2 drops of Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo
4-5 caps-full of Rubbing Alcohol 16 oz of water

—Ask your sales specialist about our in-house, window tint safe, streak free cleaner available at all locations!–

8. The warranty for the window film covers everything except for scratches. Please be careful with objects made of metal or that have sharp corners.

9. When painting or varnishing, use only 3M Scotch Safe Release tape. (White in color and can be found at your local hardware store.)

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