What is the Tinting Process and How Long Does it Take?

One of the common questions that our customers have when they make the initial inquiry regarding tinting windows relates to how long it will take to install the tinting on their vehicles, homes, or office spaces.  This question may have numerous answers primarily being based on manpower, schedules, and type of vehicle or amount of windows that are present.
For most vehicles, the average tinting time is about an hour and twenty minutes.  For most homes it will take a full working day and for offices it is completely predicated by what we will be tinting (i.e. entire office or just a door).  While the amount of time required may change, the process for installation remains the same.
For automobiles the process is formulated around three important steps: fitting the film to the contour of the window, creating a clean surface for application and placing the film on the window.   The first step is cutting the film to size and fitting it to the outside of the window using a heat source to contour it to the curvature of the glass. Once completed the film is removed and placed on a glass board while the interior of the window is thoroughly cleaned by use of a flat razor to remove all adhesive contents and then scouring with a Brillo pad and soapy water.  The film is then applied to the inside of the car and secured through a process of wetting and squeegeeing out the excess water between the film and the window.  It should be noted that it may take 3 to 5 calendar days for the film to totally adhere to the window so following the care instructions given after the install is highly recommended to assure that the film will not slide or begin to peel away.
For homes and businesses the process is similar aside from the main difference being that the window types are what we refer to as ‘flat glass’.  In other words, there is no contour to the glass.  The film is measured, cut, and installed on the interior side of the glass after the window has been properly cleaned  and prepped for adhesion.  Of course we take every precaution to protect any flooring or furniture during the installation.  For most homes we ask that the furniture be moved to the center of the room away from the windows.  This gives us the room we need to put down drop cloth as well as perform the install.
If you have a smaller job such as a storm window or patio door we may be able to perform the tinting in house by having you deliver it to us but for the most part we prefer to install the windows when they are framed and standing upright.