How to Care for Tinted Windows

Now that your automobile has been tinted, what do you need to do to care for tinted windows and prolong the lifespan of your investment?  There are actually several critical points that you need to know in order to properly care for your tint in the first few weeks after install.
Rolling Down Windows:
It is very important that you do not roll down any auto windows that have been tinted for about a week. The number of days may be adjusted dependent on outdoor temperature but when in doubt plan on about a week before you hit that roll down button.  This is a slight inconvenience but it is very important because the film needs to securely adhere to the window and may slide or catch if the window is rolled down earlier than recommended.
Washing the Car:
There is absolutely no reason that you cannot run your car through the carwash immediately after the install.  The tint is installed on the interior of the windows so you can do anything you like to the outside of the vehicle and it will not affect the tint job.  However, you should not wash the inside of the windows for a minimum of one week after the tint is installed.  This is a safeguard against moving that tint before it is adhered.  It also keeps you from smashing any of the bubbles that may be in the film that need to cure out.  The bubbles are normal for the first 7 to 10 days because we use a soap and water solution that reacts with the glue on the film for proper adherence.  If they are smashed they may actually cause a crease in the film. Just remember that there will be excess water between the film and the window and it will evaporate outover a week to 10 day period.
Other Special Care Items:
After the installation of the film it is important to use ammonia free products to clean the windows on interior of the car.  Soapy water is also acceptable.  Most stores carry versions of cleaner that will say that the product is safe for tinted windows.  We carry a product called HI-Sheen which is one of the best products that we know of that is safe for use on tinted windows.  Ask your installer for his/her recommendations on what product to use for cleaning the interior windows.