Safety First! What Makes a Tinted Car Safer Than Non-Tinted Cars?

High quality window film looks great on cars, but what makes a tinted car safer than one that is not?
Car Accidents – In the event of an unexpected accident, direct impact creates high risk for shattered glass to fly and hit you or your passengers. Having tint creates a protective layer that helps prevent glass from shattering once it is broken, making your windows more durable.
Harmful UV Rays – Did you know that more than 53% of skin cancer occurs on the left side of the body? Think about how much time you spend commuting to, and from work alone and how many UV Rays you’re exposed to if you don’t have tint and aren’t using sunscreen. Not only does the sun accelerate aging on your skin but it fades the interior of your car as well.
Personal Belongings– Another great reason to tint your car? Privacy glass! Although the legal limit still allows for you to see in the car, it leaves your personal items less exposed. Depending on your state laws, you can even go darker on the back half creating more over all darkness to protect personal items!
Baby on Board! – As a parent, you want to keep your babies as safe and cozy as possible while traveling. Tint is a great way of rejecting heat and providing more shade and comfort for your little ones in the back.