Why Is Your Interior Fading?

Have you ever moved a floor rug that has been laid on hardwood for a long duration of time? What did you notice when you moved it?  Quite possibly there was the outline of the rug left on the floor – especially on the area closest to a window or door with glass insert. How could this be?  It’s because the rug acted as a barrier between the direct light and the wood floor and blocked a major portion of the visible light transmission.  The area that wasn’t covered had faded due to the long term exposure to the unfiltered sunlight.
What about your furniture?  Have you noticed that it is getting dingy or just doesn’thave that crisp look or color that it used to?  It has been affected by the unfiltered sunlight as well.  What about your car dashboard or the ledge behind your back seat leading to the glass?  How does that look?  My guess is that it is a lot duller in color tone since the day you bought the car.  It is sort of like that favorite work shirt that you have when you are working outdoors—the color on the front stays relatively vibrant but the back fades quicker.
What could be done to prevent this fading? How about using tint on the windows to help block the transmission of harmful light rays.  Residential tinting is becoming more and more popular not just for protection from the direct light but also because it can help reduce utility bills by cutting back the amount of heat that is transmitted and can increase the security of your home by creating a darker window that is more difficult to see through from the outside but minimally invasive to those looking outward.
As for office spaces, film on windows adds a huge advantage in keeping rooms cool, adding privacy, and most of all protecting from vandalism.  Did you know that a window with film on it is less likely to shatter by impact?  It will break but the pieces will generally stay in place.
For your home, work or auto, tinting your windows offers many advantages.  Call us up and we would be glad to assist you in determining if tinting is a great option for you.